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Mimi's Bridal at Town & Country offers the largest selection of couture wedding gowns in Missouri for midwest brides.
Our couture designers are lovingly selected exclusively so you can't find them anywhere else in STL or Missouri in its entirety. 
Giving you the opportunity to walk down the aisle in something completely different & unique than what you can find at any other bridal store. 

Our beautiful boutique is filled to the brim focused on couture wedding gowns from world renowned designers from all around the globe. Creating our modern luxury collection for you to fall in love with.

From a classic, timeless style to the newest trends, & completely customizable ensuring your dream will become a reality.  

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Designers who lead the way in the wedding industry, setting the stage for everyone else to follow.

Within our doors at Mimi's you will find craftsmanship of
uncompromising quality from designers we have hand picked to partner with from around the world. Iconic, avant garde designers who lead the way in the wedding industry, setting the stage for everyone else to follow.

Couture, high fashion, is handmade with luxurious fabrics, intricate details, & patented qualities. At Mimi's we have options to customize the dress you've always envisioned ensuring the dress you've been dreaming of can become a reality. Many of the designers in our collection also have an upgraded option for a made to measure dress, meaning it will come in cut to your measurements instead of to the nearest size recommended. 



When shopping for your wedding dress know there are all different types of wedding boutiques. Couture, high fashion, is handmade with the finest elements using specific techniques by knowledgable, celebrated designers season after season. These designers set the tone for the entire wedding dress industry before other designers even know what the tone is. Knowing your price point is so important because couture wedding dresses fall well above the median priced wedding gown in the US.

Our couture wedding dress collection ranges in price from $1800-$9000+ with the majority of our styles from $2500-$4000. Since our collection of wedding dress designers hand make their gowns compared to a mass production the timeframe recommended for ordering couture is 12-15 months in advance from your wedding date.

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